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  Due to the low interest from the pilots flying certified wings in participating the AIOLEIA 2010 XC competition in the current scheme (higher entry fee and big prize money for certified gliders and as many prizes as possible and finally different radius around way points depending on glider category) we have decided to lower the entry fee of the competition and to be a normal FAI cat. 2 as it was in the previous years. 

  • Results Task 2 (Canceled)
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    Entry fee :

    - 80 € (can be paid also in the registration, no penalty)
    - 60 € for pilots registered in AIOLEIA 2009
    - 60 € for pilots that will use Leonardo Live tracking
    (20 € refund during the registration after checking the necessary equipment)


    Refund due to competition cancellation : 60 Euro until 20th of May

    The entry fee will be paid by bank transfer or PayPal after the final selection list is announced.
    The entry fee covers transportation , retrievals from main asphalt roads , maps and graphic material, T-shirt of the competition , pizza party with beers and a snack (lunch packet) per day for each athlete.

    Notice : For pilots without third party insurance there is 13 Euro insurance fee covering third party liability in competition, valid for all competitions in Greece during 2010.

    Insurance cover for personal accidents and repatriation is also required. The relevant documents proving the insurance cover should be in English or Greek.

    Bank account
    Account Holder : Ioannidis Ioannis
    Bank : Emporiki Bank
    Account Nr : 50588157
    IBAN : GR8701205020000000050588157

    PayPal (+3 euro for commission in PayPal)
    If you want to pay for more than one registration please email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it writing the names of the pilots that you have paid.

    Entry fee 63 €

    Entry fee 83 €

    Waypoints Aioleia 2010

    Transportation : Trucks and buses to the take off will be leaving from the central square of village Petrousa where the head office of the competition will be. Gliders will be transported with trucks and the pilots with bus or minivans. The gliders must be on the truck until 10:00. Pilots transportation will be starting at 10:30 in order all pilots to be at the take off at 11:30-12:00. Any changes in the transportation will be announced by the organizer in time.

    Accommodation : The accommodation of the athletes will be held free of charge at the school of the village (Giannikio school).There is also an opportunity for free camping at the football field and gym close to the village center where there are changing rooms with WC and shower.
    Also you can choose one of the hotels of the area

    General : Race will go on according to the FAI rules and Local regulations. The competitors need a license for paragliding pilots and valid international FAI card, they also need a insurance (covering the civil liability in competition as well as help, the rescue in the mountains and repatriation).
    Wearing a helmet, VHF radio, GPS and carrying a rescue glider are obligatory, a cellular phone is also strongly advised.
    Flying is at your own risk!

    Pilot Selection : 
    125 pilots according the FAI rankings valid in 20th April 2010  
    5 Places organization wildcard 

    ***Maximum number of pilots 145*** 

    1st place overall - 800 Euro
    1st place female overall - 400Euro

    2nd place overall - 400 Euro

    3rd Place overall - 200 Euro


    Female cash prize will be awarded if more than 8 female pilots are registered in the competition.               

      Category LTF 1 & 1-2 or EN B Category LTF 2 or EN C Category LTF 2-3 or EN D
    1stplace 200 Euro + Cup 200 Euro + Cup 200 Euro + Cup
    2ndplace Cup Cup Cup
    3rdplace Cup Cup Cup

    Cash prize for each category will be awarded if more than 10 participants per category are registered in the competition.
    Total cash prize 2.400 Euro with 130 pilots registered in the competition. 
    Prizes awarded are subject to numbers of participants. 
    Practical prizes will be conferring amongst to other pilots.

    Registered pilots table - Entry fee status