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Day first (Friday 29-04-2011)

The race for today was:
-Take off
-Touch 'N' Go
-Spot landing

Results (pdf):
1st Charis Christopoulos
2nd Vasilis Barbagiannis
3rd Athanasios Smiris

Day 2nd (Saturday 30-04-2011)

The race for today was a navigation and efficiency task for the morning and Takeoff, fast-slow and spot landing for the evening.
The evening race stoped in the middle because of weather conditions.

Results Task navigation and economy (pdf):
1st Athanasios Smiris
2nd Dimitrios Koliakos
3rd Charis Christopoulos

Day 3rd (Sunday 01-05-2011) 

Today we continue the yesterday task Fast-Slow and we made one task Japanese slalom.

Results Fast-Slow (pdf)

Results Japanese Slalom (pdf)

Results Total (pdf)