31 March - 1 April 2012

Petrousa Drama GREECE



The registration will be at Petrousa main square from 9:00 in the morning on Saturday.
The weather forecast looks good for the weekend with sunny weather, there is a small possibility for some strong winds but we hope for the best.
The party will take place at the landing area at 03:00 pm .


 Air club Aiolos of Drama organizes a friendly meeting and invites all our friends flying PARAGLIDERS and HANG GLIDERS to fly together over the beautifull mountains of Drama. 

Scored tasks will be flown according to the meteo conditions and for the scoring we will use FS.

The TASK will be the same for Paragliders and Hang gliders but most probably we will have different radius at the waypoints.

Meeting point and registration will be in Petrousa main square.
For more information about the event and meteo forecast stay tuned in our web site (www.aiolosdrama.org).

Accommodation in Petrousa : Katerina Pension
                                          20 euro per person with breakfast
                                          Katerina Antoniou tel. 0030 6996529281 - 0030 2522041042

ΑΤΤΕΝΤΙΟΝ the truck will go to the take off only one time per day in Petrousa.

ATTENTION  we will be able to upload waypoints to gps but each pilot must have his cable.

It will be easier for us if you have upload the waypoints from your home.

Waypoints download

Entry fee : 15 euro for the two days
                 10 euro for one day

Entry fee includes :
- Transportation to the take off
- Retreive from main asphalt roads
- Meteo and task briefing at the take off
- Tracklog download and scoring
- Barbeque party and beers at the landing field on Saturday

Leonado live tracking will be available during the task for those who have live tracking devices.
Sim cards will be provided by the airclub.

More information about the event and meteo forecast you can receive in our web site.

Safe landings for the new season.