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With great success and 3 tasks flown ended this year's AIOLEIA XC competition
No surprise on the podium places the Valic brothers 1st and 2nd and Primoz Podobnik in 3rd place.
The organizing committee would like to thank all pilots for participating and supporting this event hope to see you again.

Wednesday 20/6/2007 - Training Day

Pilots start arriving from Monday to train for the competition. The weather was very good from the beginning of the week so most of them had the chance to fly and train in the area for the competition some of them had flights more than 5 hours long
So at the training day perfect conditions and most of the pilots present at the start the cloud base around 2500m. The forecast was for sunny weather until the end of the week with temperature to increase more at the weekend with possibility of overheating. 
Unfortunately a minor accident during the landing on that day kept last year's winner of the competition Mr Joachim Skondras out of the competition.

Thursday 21/6/2007 Day 1 - Task 1 (72,4km)

The first day of the competition is fact all 145 registered pilots are at the take of ready to fly. The forecast is for light north - northwest winds and the sea breeze in the afternoon. The task committee sets an ambitious task along the mountain ridge. Windows open at 13:15 and within 30 minutes most of the pilots are airborne. Air start at 14:00 and all pilot are heading for the first turn point the competition is on. 31 Pilots reached goal with Aljaz Valic first at goal with Yigit Yildirim from Turkey second the surprise of the task.


Friday 22/6/2007 Day 2 - Task 2 (42,1km)

Obviously weaker conditions than yesterday at the take off and the temperature is rising At the take off the visibility is not very good due to the inversion and high humidity of the air. The task committee sets a smaller task for this day. Despite the tricky conditions 18 pilots reaching the goal. Another successful task Urban Valic 1st in the task Primoz Podobnik 2nd and Yigit Yildirim 3rd proving he is not a surprise but a good pilot fighting for a podium place.

Saturday 23/6/2007 Day 3 - Task 3 (CANCELED)

The heat was to much this day the overheating was obvious. The forecast was for two inversions one at 900 m and another one stronger at 1500m the wind direction according to the forecast S, SE. The high temperature in combination with the humidity made the atmosphere very fogy and discomfort. The task committee based on the forecast sets a task to the west. Wind dummies are on the air but they cannot climb above the second inversion and the lifts are week. The meet director gives two 30min extension hoping to improve the conditions. Some of the pilots can not stand the heat and take off to go to the sea spectators also. At 15:30 was the last extension and one pilots take of as the thermal activity drops down the West wind prevails so we have a cross wind at the take off the meet director closes the window for 5 minutes and everybody is moving to the west  take off but it is obvious that the task in not realistic. Pilots are taking off but the wind gets stronger and with the risk some of the waypoints to be in the lee side the meet director cancel the task. After and hour at about 17:00 the wind drops down and everybody is flying down after an exhausting day at the take off.

 Sunday 24/6/2007 Day 4 - Task 4 (42,2km)

Fresh air from the north - North West in the upper atmosphere changed the scenery and the day was flyable. The forecast was for good flying conditions and cloud base over 2500m so every body or almost everybody was at the start at 11:30. Some of the pilots due to the last days conditions preferred to go directly to the sea. The conditions at the take off are very good some cumulus clouds begin to form and the wind dummies on the air indicating some good thermal activity and the cloud base at over 2500m as forecasted. The task committee sets a short and relatively fast task in order to have quick retrievals and to have all pilots in time for the prize giving ceremony. Again 31 pilots at goal the usual suspects finishing at the first places Urban 1st Primoz 2nd and Yassen Savov from Bulgaria 3rd.

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