Drama airclub "AIOLOS"

Historical recursion of airsports in Drama prefecture
According to witnesses, before the Second World War in our area an Armenian in origin built a light wing and tried to take off from the area between Kalifytos and Taxiarhes. According to what is being said, quite a large crowd gathered and in his first attempt he got killed.
The first flight from Korylovos was done in 1985 from Tsitsimakas a man from Tsesaloniki.
Up until today we can see the pieces of the boards used to build the first ramp in Korylovos inside the bushes. More or less at the same period in the area of Ptelea the first light wing took off.
The founding of the first Drama Air club took place in Drama in 1986.

Union of Hangliding of Drama AIOLOS
On the 
22nd of November 1990 the first flight from Korylovos becomes a reality.
The take off is 30m after the small stadium on top of the hill right below the antennas of radio and tv.
On the 
3rd of April 1991 the "Union of hang gliding of Drama AIOLOS" was founded with Antonis Hristianopoulos for president.
In 1991 a meeting takes place of airathletes from Kavala Serres and Thasos.
A lot of athletes went to various championships and meetings that were held in Greece.
On the 
15th of June 1991 in the 2nd meeting of the Greek hang gliding championship that took place in Florina our athletes Hristianopoulos A. and Sidiropoulos H. took the 6th and 7th position in the B category.
After efforts of our airclub (Konstandinidis H. and Ioannidis I.) the municipality of Drama built the take off zone of Korylovos.
On the 14th of May 1995 in the Serres cup B category Ioannidis Ioannis finishes 2nd.
On the 29th of June 1996 in the Greek hang gliding championship at Plataies Ioannidis Ioannis receives the cup for the 3rd place in the B category.
In order of registration in our club the new members (people that flew) were:
A. Hristianopoulos (president), Sidiropoulos H. (nickname:Ergolavos), Glavopoulos H.(n.: Sweden), Konstandinidis H.( n: Yamaha), Alexandridis G.( n: Bordo), Antoniadis A., Tsouvelekis S., Ioannidis I.(n: Kabanas).
Other members that worked a lot for the forwarding and spreading of airsports are:
Kaliofas A., Vasiliadou O., Avramidis A., Hatziantoniou D., Hatziparaskevas K., Salpigidis A.

Airsports airclub of Drama.
The first organized core of paraglider pilots is formed in Xiropotamos a village od Drama.
On the 24th of June 1998 according to the decision 111/98 the Airsports airclub of Drama is recognized with Ioannidis Ioannis (Kabanas) as president, Voultsios Agelos(Olympic) as vice president, and Alexandridis Ioannis (Bordo) as secretary.
From the 2nd until the 5th of July 1998 the paragliding competition "AIOLEIA 98" takes place at the launch site of the mountain Kedros near the village of Petrousa. 16 athletes participated from different areas of Greece.
On the 19th of June 1999 the Greek Paragliding Championship "AIOLEIA 1999" takes places in Drama and at the launch site of Kedros Petrousa. 42 athletes participate from around Greece and abroad. From Drama the athletes that participated were Stavropoulos E., Sanozidis M., Melios I. The first members that flew paragliders are: Alexandridis I., Basiliadis B., Bassos K., Boultsios A., Boultsios A., Blatitsis K., Ioannidis I., Konstandinidis H., Boulgouris G., Pindonis N., Hlis K., Draganis G.

Airclub AIOLOS of Drama
On the 9th of February 2000 at 7.00pm in a general meeting held at the workers center of Drama, everyone involved with paragliding and hang gliding gathered after an invitation by Ioannidis I., Hristianopoulos A. and Mavidis P., of the clubs engaged in airsports and with Domnidis B. as legal advisor, a unanimous decision was made to create a new club with the name "AIOLOS Drama Airclub" placed in Drama. A new board was unanimously elected consisted of 9 members: Alexandridis I., Basiliadis B., Boultsios Ath., Boultsios Ag.,  Ioannidis I., Konstandinidis H., Mavidis P., Stavropoulos B., Hristianopoulos A.
In this meeting the unanimously elected president of AIOLOS Drama Airclub was Ioannidis Ioannis (Kabanas).
The airsports of AIOLOS Drama Airclub
Hang gliding
Hang motoring
Ultralight planes
Our airclub since its founding was successful at achieving the following: 
Making the asphalt road to the Korylovos south launch site
Creating and forming the east launch site of Korylovos
Acquiring the airport of Panorama from the military
Forming the area of the Korylovos ring road to become our landing zone and placing our office headquarters there.
Installing the statue of Icaros at the side of the ring road.


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