Do you want to taste the magic of free flight with a paraglider? It was never easier. Anyone can fly with a paraglider, all you need is… courage. To fly with a tandem paraglider with one of the certified pilots all you need is appropriate clothes and boots and when the weather permits you can call:

Iordanidis Dimitrios  - Tel: 6944460404

Spiroglou Dimitrios   - Tel: 6977911404

Pistikos Ioannis        - Tel: 6937765677

The training that takes a few minutes, takes place on site and all that is required on your behalf is… a good run during the take off phase and that’s it. If you want to train to fly a paraglider solo call us and we will provide all the necessary information.

* the air club Aiolos only provides information to the interested parties for the local tandem pilots and bares no further liability.