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Liberation of Drama July 1, 1913 from the Ottoman Empire.


The First Airfield in Drama was built in 1916 during the Second Bulgarian occupation for war purposes by the 21-year-old German lieutenant Rudolf von Eschwege (pictured number 8). The photo was taken in the building on Perdika Street in Drama, where their staff barracks and the club of the German aviators were located. The airport was built in the Arkadikos area in Drama where the Pavlidis refrigerators are located, which until recent years called the area "airport". 

Air Club of Drama

The newspaper "THARROS" writes: "THE DRAMA AIRCRAFT ELECTIONS On June 10, 1934, elections are held to appoint a new administration at the "Drama Aeroclub" due to the resignation of the previous one. the first "Drama Airport Club" is created.


Draminos is the first hang glider. The newspaper "MACEDONIA" and two more clippings refer to the effort of a 13-year-old young man from Drami named Theodoros Mastoridis who made a wing out of fabric and took off from a height of 40 meters and landed normally at a distance of 50 meters.


It is said orally that an Armenian by origin built a hang glider and was killed trying to take off. This information has not been cross-referenced.


They built a rough plank ramp at the end of the Korylovo field where the road to the aerials and the paraglider take off begins. The first flight from Korylovo, Drama, took place in 1985, by Georgios Tsitsimakas of Thessaloniki, with a hang glider of his own construction called "Atlas". At the same time, it is reported that a hang glider was taken off in the area of Ptelea by a German immigrant originally from Ptelea who was also involved in the design of paragliders.

Air Club of Drama
(post war)

A new "Drama Airport Club" was founded which remained inactive.


On November 22, 1990, the second flight from Korylovos takes place. The take-off takes place 30 meters after the Korylovu stadium from the slope of the road, just below the radio and television antennas.

Drama Aiolos Hang Glider Association

On April 3, 1991, the "Drama Aeolos Hang-glider Association" was founded with Antonis Christianopoulos as president, Sidiropoulos Christos (Contractor), Glavopoulos Christos (Swedish), Konstantinidis Christos (Yamacha), Alexandridis Yiannis (Bordeaux), Antoniadis Athanasios (Pterodactylos), Stefanos Tsouvelekis , Ioannidis Ioannis (Kampanas). Other members who worked zealously for the promotion of air sports and its dissemination, are the following Kalofas Angelos, Vasiliadou Olga, Avramidis Anastasios, Hatziantoniou Dimitrios, Hatziparaskevas Kimon, Andreas Salpingidis. Christianopoulos Antonis flies from the Panorama - Kallifytou airport with a privately owned motorized hang glider.

Κορύλοβος Απογείωση
Takeoff of Korylovos. 

In the same year there is a meeting with air athletes from Serres, Kavala and Thassos.
In the same year, several athletes of the club visited the various championships that were held in different regions of Greece.

On June 15, 1991, at the 2nd meeting of the Panhellenic championship held in Nymphaeum, Florina, the aerialists Christianopoulos Antonis and Sidiropoulos Christos took the 6th and 7th positions in the B category.

Drama center.
Exhibition of hang gliders.

After the actions of the "Drama Aeolos Hang-gliding Association" and specifically by the members Ioannidis Ioannis and Konstantinidis Christos, the Municipality of Drama with the Mayor of Drama Tzimas Margaritis  and the  deputy mayor of technical services, Mr. Tsalta Georgios, built the southern takeoff of Korylovos.


 "Drama Aeolos Hang-gliding Association". Inauguration day of Korylovos takeoff, Ioannidis Ioannis.


Hang Glider pilot  Konstantidis Christos.

Ιωαννίδης Γιάννης απογείωση Κορύλοβος

Hang Glider takeoff Ioannidis Ioannis.


On May 14, 1995, at the Panhellenic Serres Hang Gliding Cup, the athlete Ioannidis Ioannis took second place in the B category.


On June 29, 1996, at the Pan-Hellenic Hang Gliding Championship in the Plataes of Thebes,  athlete Ioannidis Ioannis took the third Pan-Hellenic place in the B category.


The first organized nucleus of paragliders is created in Xiropotamos. In photo 1 Voultsios Angelos. 2 Ioannidis Ioannis. 3 Vlatitsis Konstantinos. 4 Bulgouris Giorgos. 5 Vultsios Athanasios. 6 Pindonis Nikos.

«AIOLEIA 1997». The first games held in the community of Petrousa with the undivided help of the residents and the cultural association, at the Kedros Petrousa, and Pirgi.

Drama Air Sports Club​

On June 24, 1998, by decision of the first court of Drama 111/98, the "Drama Air Sports Club" was recognized for paragliding with President Ioannidis Ioannis (Kampanas), Vice President Voultsios Angelos (Olympic), Secretary Alexandridis Yiannis (Bordeaux). The first members with flights to their credit are as follows.
Alexandridis Yiannis, Vassiliadis Vassilis, Vassos Konstantinos, Voultsios Angelos (Olympic), Voultsios Athanasios (Piperkas), Vlatitsis Konstantinos (Konino), Ioannidis Ioannis (Kampanas), Konstantinidis Christos (Gamachas), George Boulgouris (Baker), Nikos Pindonis , Chris Konstantinos , Draganis Giorgos.

Drama Air Sports Club

"AIOLEIA 99". On June 19, 1999, the Panhellenic Paragliding Championship "AEOLIA 1999" is organized in the Prefecture of Drama at the Kedros Petrousa Towers take-off. The letter logo for "Aeolia 99". 42 Athletes from all over Greece and abroad took part. Stavropoulos Evangelos, Sanozidis Mousis and Melios Ioannis participated from Drama. In the photo at the take-off of the Petrousa Towers with numbering, No. 1 Mayor of Prosotsani Makris Georgios. 2 Ioannidis Ioannis, president of the Drama Air Sports Club. 3 Paliatsos Anestis Race Director. 4 Kakoulidis Savvas paragliding instructor. 5 Vultsios Aggelos. 6 Pindonis Nikos. 7 Voultsios Athanasios 8 Bulgouris Giorgos. 9 Stavropoulos Evangelos.

Air Club Aiolos of Drama

On February 9, 2000 at 7.00 pm in a general meeting at the Drama Labor Center where all those involved in paragliding and hang gliders gathered at the invitation of the presidents of the clubs involved in air sports, Mr. Ioannidis Ioannis of the "Drama Aero Club", Christianopoulos Antonis of the "Hinggliders Association of Drama Aeolos" and Mavidis Panagiotis representative of the "Drama Aeroclub". With Domnidis Vasilios as Legal Adviser, it was unanimously decided to create a new Association with the name "Aeroleschi Aeolos of Drama" based in Drama.

A committee of nine members was unanimously elected from Alexandridis Yiannis, Vassiliadis Vassilis, Voultsios Athanasios, Voultsios Angelos, Ioannidis Ioannis, Konstantinidis Christos, Mavidis Panagiotis, Stavropoulos Evangelos, Christianopoulos Antonis.

At this meeting, Ioannidis Ioannis (Kampanas) was unanimously elected as the president of "Aeolos Drama Aeroclub".

2000 - 2021

The aeroclub's sports are as follows:

  • Aeromodelling
  • Aviation
  • Paragliding
  • Motorized Hovercraft
  • Motorized Paraglider
  • Super light.

The parallel history of ultralight engines

The first three-axle ultralight YPAM (Ultralight Air Sports Machines) appear.

from 2000 and the creation of the Aeroclub of Drama with its headquarters in Agios Athanasios of Drama until the incorporation of the club into the Aeroclub of Aeolos of Drama which took place in 2010.

A group of motorized eagles appears in the area of Agios Athanasios.


Angelos Koursioumis brings the ultralight 3axis.

This is followed by a second ultralight by Konstantinos Karatziotis with a small private airport in the Micropolis of Drama.


Before 2002 there was a nucleus with motorized eagles operating in the area of Drama. In 2000 they formed a company and in 2002 they created the "Drama Aeroclub" based in Agios Athanasios.

Asphalting of the road to the southern takeoff of Korylovou.
Opening and formation of the eastern takeoff of Korylovou.

Another aero club is formed with the "Drama Aero Club" based in Agios Athanasios, Drama, with Angelos Kursioumis as President and Akritidis Athanasios as Secretary. Ilias Skonidis, Stavros Tsigaloglou, Konos Karatziotis and others are participating.

The owner of an ultralight is Tsigaloglou Stavrou. (On November 16, 2021, he crashed near the community of Amygdali Larisi. He lost his life in this accident).


13 May 2003 Commencement of formation of a landing area next to the high school on the northern ring road. After the consultation of Evangelos Stavropoulos, vice-president of the Drama club, with the military commander of the 5th squadron, who allowed the configuration of the space.


27 May 2003

IKAROS statue was in the north  ring road. From left Argyris Spiridakis, Zachariadis Pavlos, Ioannidis Yannis, Dimitrios Anthimidis. 
The statue was uncharitably transported with the crane of Byros Giannis

8 August 2003 Placement the office box in landing field. Creation of offices in the landing area in the northern regional road ring with the placement of a container container donated by Mr. Kazakopoulos Yiannis, a sanitary ware merchant.


Ultralight is jointly owned by A. Koursiumi and A. Akritidis. The Aeroclub from 2003 to 2008 participated in all the Panhellenic Ultralight Games.


Ultralight of Garela Constantinos with proprietary ultralight.

The activities of the Agios Athanasios Aeroclub are transferred to the 585 meter long and 90 meter wide Sitagro airport.

Έργο επέκτασης προσγείωσης.

Paraglider landing extension projects.

International Aiolia 2005.


Panhellenic championship.

Two more ultralights owned by Akritidis A. and Tsigaloglou join the aero club.


Aeolia 2007 brothers Valich special guests.

Concession by the Army for the use of the Panorama airport.

At the urging of the president of the "Aeolos Drama Aeroclub" Ioannidis Yiannis and at the request of the secretary Akritidis A. of the local airport club, the then Minister of Macedonia Thrace Margaritis Tzimas financed the start of infrastructure for the construction of an asphalt runway 350 meters long and wide 14 meters. With this funding, the base of the airstrip was created with sand and gravel. The asphalt was completed by the Prefecture of Drama by the then Prefect Evmoiridis Konstantinos. For the completion of the project, grounding and paving of the runway.


Concession of a 10-acre fuel camp next to Prophet Elias Church in the northern regional ring road.



PWC "Pre World Cup"

PWC "Pre World Cup" 200825 – 28 June 2008. and  International Paragliding Competition "AEOLEIA 2008". Over 155 athletes took part in this competition which established the region as a center of international competition. Competition invitation and foreign athlete entry fee.

Officials The Meet Director of this competition is Mr Nikos Karidis with the following key persons.  Ioanidis Yannis Deputy Director, Anestis Paliatsos Scoring, Iordanidis Dimitrios Task Committee & Safety coordinator,  Karakatsianis Antonis Rescue Team coordinator.

Association of radio amateurs of Drama.
The Petroussa cultural association and the residents of Petroussa.
The worldwide success and visibility of the competitions is due to the responsible and voluntary work of our Aero Club members.
The members who worked selflessly are the following: Alexandridis Yiannis, Gioranidis Lazaros, Kiosoglidis Dimitris, Orphanidis Athanasios, Spyroglou Dimitris, general duties.
Zachariadis Pavlos in charge of take-off. Nikolaidis Pavlos, Tassios Yiannis driver.
Tsiklakidou Spyridoula secretary.

Asphalting of the road to the eastern takeoff of Korylovos.

Aiolia 2009 was canceled due to storms.

2010 PWC
Paragliding World Cup 2010
Aioleia XC 2010

Officials The Meet Director for PWC of this competition is Mr Iordanidis Dimitrios.  For Aioleia XC 2010 Meet Director Ioanidis Yannis. Scoring.
Karakatsianis Antonis Rescue Team coordinator.
Association of radio amateurs of Drama. The Petroussa cultural association and the residents of Petroussa.

The worldwide success and visibility of the competitions is due to the responsible and voluntary work of our Aero Club members.
The members who worked selflessly are the following: Zachariadis Pavlos in charge of take-off. Alexandridis Yiannis, Gioranidis Lazaros, Kiosoglidis Dimitris, Orphanidis Athanasios, Spyroglou Dimitris, Voultsios Aggelos, general duties.
Nikolaidis Pavlos, Tassios Yiannis driver.
Tsiklakidou Spyridoula secretary.

The undertaking of the PWC Paragliding World Cup competitions is due to the many years of experience of the Panhellenic Paragliding champions that have been held in the region since 1997 and every year until today.
The achievement and establishment of the city of Drama as a paragliding destination is solely due to the selfless contribution of the members of the "Aeolos Drama Club".




The "Air Club of Drama" based in Agios Athanasios, following the wishes of its members and an application, requests it to merge with the "Air Club Aeolos of Drama". The application is accepted and is included in the our club  "Air club Aeolos of Drama".



15-16 May Paragliding Exams in Drama.

3rd XC friendly Paragliding meeting 10-11 September.

June 25-26. XC Meeting Paragliding distance races.


"XC WARMUP 2012". Paraglider and hang glider distance races. "The battle" of paragliders versus hang gliders.

March 31 – April 1, 2012. Petrousa Drama. The party will take place in the landing area at 03:00 pm.


«Target Drama International Precision Match 2013»


International paragliding distance race "2014 DRAMA CUP XC OPEN" (FAI cat.2) Korylovos June 20-21-22, 2014. 


International paragliding distance race Korylovos 23-24-25-26 June 2015 DRAMA CUP XC OPEN (FAI cat.2)


June 11-12 Paragliding Exams. (Parapente) and the Glider.

Precision paragliding competitions (FAI cat 2 OPEN) November 5, 2016 Korylovos Drama

The AEOLOS DRAMAS Aeroclub presented to the primary school of Xiropotamos Drama as part of the project "WIND GAMES" the possibility of free flight and devices for free flight such as the Paraglider.


The integration and utilization process of Sitagron Airport by the Municipality of Prosotsani was launched.

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