Tandem Flights

"Διθέσια πτήση"

Learn to Fly


Do you want to taste the magic of free flight with a paraglider? It has never been easier. Anyone can paraglide, all you need is some positive ;energy and a bit of courage! In order to have a Tandem flight with one of the certified pilots – instructors all you need is appropriate clothes, stable sport shoes or boots and a light or heavier jacket depending on the season and if the weather allows it we are ready to fly. You can contact the following certified TANDEM PILOTS :

Iordanidis Dimitrios – Tel: +30 6944460404

Spiroglou Dimitrios – Tel: +30 6977911404

Before the flight

No special knowledge is needed. The training, which is short, is done on the spot by the pilot who will fly with you and all he needs from you is to follow the instructions given and a good run during the take-off and that’s it.


Air Club Aiolos only provides information to interested parties about local Tandem pilots and bears no further responsibility or has any financial outcome from the flights

Conditions to be met in order to fly
Age : 12 years of age or older
From 12-18 years old, parental consent is required
Body weight : 30 – 100kg (120kg max)
Shoes : Sturdy & comfortable (sneakers or boots)
Clothes : Warm clothes in the winter and windproof clothes in the summer

The duration of the flight is from 5 to 20 minutes and it depends on the current weather conditions and to the height of the take off (Usually, the duration of a flight is 10 to 15 minutes)

*Disclaimer : Air Club Aiolos only provides information to interested parties about local pilots and bears no further responsibility.


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